Founded just over a year ago by 29 year old chef Tom Warden, Colonel Tom’s Gumbo is aiming to capitalise on the explosion in ‘Street Food’ taking over London at the moment. There are currently dishes being offered from countries as far flung as Barbados, Malaysia, Vietnam and Afghanistan on the streets of London but currently nothing from a community widely regarded as producing some of the most flavourful and satisfying cuisines anywhere in the world, ‘Soul Food!’

The Colonel aims to bring traditional Creole and Cajun cooking to a market where it is criminally under represented. Bringing Gumbo, Po’Boys and some delectable sides to the party, you’re sure to fall in love with the cuisine just as much as we have.

So take a trip down to the swamplands and indulge your tastebuds until you can hear those trumpets wail!









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